Why Brands Need To Get On Snapchat Now

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Millennials are notoriously difficult to reach; they have short attention spans, avoid traditional media, and probably know more than brands do about social media and online communication. The fact is, the new generation have grown up with smart phones and are the true early adopters to any new app or communication technology. What does this mean for brands that primarily sell to the millennial demographic?

While most think YouTube ads were a smart initiative, the reality is most users will simply switch to another tab while the ad plays out. On a smartphone? Well then you’ve basically just delivered a loud, obnoxious interruption to the ‘How to Contour in 3 Steps’ video a sixteen year old girl actually went to YouTube for. This is why blogger collaborations and social influencers are a smarter option for brands to connect to younger audiences. If you are a beauty product, the best return for your money will be product placement in a makeup vlogger’s YouTube video, rather than directly paying to be the annoying 15 second interruption at the start of that same video.  

However, if you are that beauty brand – why not create your own content? The same demographic brands are targeting on Instagram now, are already flocking to Snapchat with 100 million users currently using the app. A recent report in the Financial Times  notes that Snapchat is receiving 6 billion video views per day, in comparison to Facebook’s 4 billion. Whilst investing in content creation for social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, brands also need to be on Snapchat, drive their users towards Snapchat, and be ahead of the game with delivering content on the platform. Why invest in Snapchat when there are larger platforms with bigger audience reach? Because the millennials are there. 

Brands need to figure out what value they can bring to the table, and capitalise on that. Otherwise, millennial consumers will find another brand that will.