Instagram introduces Boomerang, Links, & Mentions for Stories

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Today Instagram launched an update that brands and influencers should be excited about. In the latest update- Instagram Stories are taking another swipe at Snapchat’s features - by making them better. 


The video app from Instagram that can be described as a hybrid photo/video/gif is now featured directly in Instagram Stories - no need for the seperate app. The Boomerang tool is featured next to the record button once swiping right from your newsfeed. Once creating a Boomerang users can share directly to their story. 


One of the many voiced frustrations with Snapchat is that you can not place links in content. Instagram has stepped up the competition with the ability to mention other users, similar to how it works in comments. Simply type ‘@‘ and the account you want to tag when adding text to your story - and voilà!

‘See More’ Links

You will now notice “See More” links at the bottom of some Instagram Stories. Swipe up and view the link’s content all within the Instagram app. One benefit for influencers and brands, is introducing long form content like videos and articles to their Instagram audiences, all within the app, bringing more value to their community in an easier way. 

“See More” links will allow Stories to act as call to actions, and allow audiences to dig deeper into content.