Building A YouTube Content Strategy

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Video content is top of mind for brands building an online presence, with predictions indicating that by 2017, 74% of all Internet traffic will be video.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. So how can brands utilise platforms such as YouTube to deliver targeted content? By entering this space and creating relevant content at scale, brands can tap into their audiences desire for information and immediately deliver a branded message. Determine what your audience wants to know and build a content strategy around it. Skincare brand Clean & Clear, for example, has built their YouTube messaging around community and self-esteem as they recognised in research that their audience of teenage girls were seeking empowerment from online communities. So, how do you begin?

Firstly, determine these things:

  • What is your brand’s target audience? What do they care about?
  • What pillars does your brand stand behind? What values and beliefs inspire your service or product?
  • What does your brand truly own?

For example, how can a natural skincare brand leverage video content? Of course, they could develop a traditional advertising campaign showing a model washing her face and looking exuberantly happy to be using natural skincare, frolicking around holding a bottle of cleanser. Then the brand could post this on YouTube and disperse it across their social media channels over and over again. Without discounting the beautiful advertisements that brands do create – these videos need to be a small component of a larger content strategy that informs, or entertains consumers. Brands need a consumer’s attention through engaging content – before they can try and sell to them.

Engage first; sell last.

What content can this brand truly own? Starting with interviews of people relevant to the brand in the health, wellness, fitness, and beauty industries that can share insight on natural skincare and health products. Consumers of a natural skincare product are most likely health conscious, environmentally conscious, mindful individuals who care about what products they purchase. Think ‘How-To’ tutorials, healthy cooking, recipes, guided meditation tutorials, the list is endless. Create content that your audience truly wants to engage with in order to build attention – then you can scatter through sale punches.

When brands deliver real value and information to their consumers they increase trust, awareness, and credibility. Don’t over think it, just deliver.

Have you formulated a YouTube strategy? Tell us about it.