Social Media Managers Rejoice! Instagram Introduces Account Switching Feature

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Instagram has announced an upgrade that allows users to switch between multiple accounts without having to sign in and out. Users can now manage up to five accounts, so for business owners, bloggers, and those who have a separate account for their dog’s pictures (we know you do) it means you can easily transition between accounts without the hassle of entering passwords.

To enable the new feature: Go to your profile settings (top right corner of your profile), scroll down and select ‘Add Account’. To switch between accounts, tap your username on the profile section to select from a dropdown menu. The new feature also includes each accounts profile photo on the profile tab for better monitoring of which account you are posting from.

For business owners this also means better notification tracking as all notifications for accounts added in the new feature are constantly delivered with the account name in brackets (e.g. [whitelanecreative] @jessthoms liked your photo).

This is another step forward for marketers on Instagram, alongside the platform recently rolling out advertising opportunities for brands.

Now Instagram, for the next update can you please let us schedule?