#Tastemakers: 11 Female Entrepreneurs On How They Balance Health & Business

We reached out to inspiring female entrepreneurs to see how they handle work/life balance, and why health is important in order to maintain their busy workloads.

“It's something that I need to refocus on all the time. Its difficult for women especially, I think, to balance everything that is important in their life. A lot of us have family, children, partners, a social life, and need to fit running a business somewhere in between. But, I've learnt the hard way that my health is a priority. I nourish myself with good food and I know that if I don't take care of myself nothing else will work. We need to be kinder to ourselves as women.”

Kelly Briese, Founder of Briese Botanicals 


“Habits are so important to manage workload and stay healthy, mentally. Knowing what to expect and having some element of organisation and removing the overwhelm means that you're less likely to stress over decisions or suffer with analysis paralysis. Every day I plan my day in half hour time blocks. This gives me a realistic idea of how many hours there actually are in the day and how much I can realistically get done. This manages my workload and my stress load!”

Suki Harrison, Founder and Chief Paper Folder at OrigamiGlobe


“I think because I'm not in that early 20's partying stage anymore, I much prefer to spend more time at home with my partner, or preparing my healthy food for the week. I practice yoga in a class 2-3 times a week, and occasionally run or walk along the beach near our place. We try to keep a routine of going to bed early and getting up early. I'm most productive in the mornings!”

Natalie Thorogood, Founder of Soak Society


"When I first got into business it was literally 24/7. What did I learn from that? It is a sure-fire way to burn out. I read Thrive by Arianna Huffington and it completely changed my mindset to how I worked. Now it is really important to me to have set working times, no late nights, have screen free time over the weekends, stay committed to exercising and spend time with my family and enjoy the moment so I can go back to work with my glass full and continue being as productive as I possibly can."

Natasha Stewart, Founder of Mum CFOs and Business Jump


“I know that ultimately I have to prioritise my personal health and wellbeing, otherwise I won’t be completely equipped to tackle the day to day running of Neon Black. I find that exercise is key to balancing my health, whether it’s a quick run in the morning, an evening group training session or a spontaneous Sunday bush walk – it keeps me physically and mentally fit and healthy! Taking some time out for myself is also vital; when you have a range of clients and a 24/7 business, a half hour of solitude can make a difference to your mind-frame and improve personal happiness and productivity.”

Soraya Calavassy - Co-Founder, Neon Black


"It's human nature for us to get complacent with carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, feeling like we have to do it all, but you don't, just do what works for you, recognise how you best like to spend your time without the pressures of society and always make sure to treat yourself. Whether it's a croissant, going to a day spa, sleeping in, reading a book or travel, let go of some that pressure, eat well, stay hydrated, get some sleep and reward yourself in any way you chose. "

Chanelle Louise, Founder of CILK Rosewater


"I balance health and business by combining gratitude and meditation practices with my bliss activities (swimming and dancing). When I don’t take the time to be healthy, my business is not healthy. My business is exhausting and withers if I don’t nurture myself. I make smarter decisions and come up with more creative solutions when I strive for balance in my health and business."

Kristin Rohan, SassyAssassin.com 


“I have set work hours for myself and I stick to it. I also avoid working weekends and after 5:30pm weekdays I switch off and enjoy the evening with my family. I think it's really important that there is enough time for your mind to wind down before you go to bed. I also incorporate a "down day", as I call it, every Friday. I use this time to only answer important emails, set goals and tasks for the following week, get in a good long work out and tie up any loose ends.”

Hollie Piper, Founder of Zealous Swimwear


"I work in finance during the day and my start up every other moment I get. Working around the clock I value my time more than ever, especially my me-time. Eating right and exercising are fuel for my body and soul. Once a week I do yoga and 3 times I week I train at the gym. A combination of both allows me to centre my soul and refocus my energy."

Miriam Deliva, Founder of MD Public Relations


“Owning ones business can take an impact on one’s health as we tend to work non-stop in the pursuit of elevating our brand and business. Our health plays a major factor in that “if your body fails, your business suffers”. I manage this by ensuring I always take small breaks, go for brief walks, eat healthy lunches and snacks, and most importantly, remembering to drink plenty of water (yes, coffee included haha) throughout the day.”

Honey Mejia, Managing Director of POP UP COMMUNICATIONS


"I create my own yoga room at home with candles and music. Again there's no excuse to not stretch my legs only because I've missed the class at my local studio. Take a digital detox holiday once a year to a destination with no TV and no Wifi! I spent a week on a Vanuatu Island and I felt so energised afterwards."

Juliet Siu, Chief Social Mermaid at Julisa