#Tastemakers: Cassie Swirls, Youngest Entrepreneur in Australia

Image credit: Linda Gee

Written by: Miriam Deliva

Bouncing up and down in her lounge room, Cassie greets me with a warm and excited smile. Dressed in a pink and white polka dot dress, Cassie sits in pig tails beside her mother Linda, as we commence our interview. ”Hi,” she greets me shyly.

Cassie isn’t your average 3 year old; sure she loves her lego, TV shows like Ben and Holly, and the colour pink. But what makes Cassie even more remarkable is her artistic abilities, she is a child prodigy. A talent that definitely runs in the family. “I’m artist and I paint as a hobby,” says Linda, “One day I gave her a skewer and a jar and I told her to go paint. I wanted to keep her busy. It kept her busy alright, busier than I had ever imagined.” She laughs.

Cassie shows me a few of her different paintings that are sitting behind her. Her energy is contagious as she bounces towards each one. “My favourite colours are yellow, purple and pink," she says, which is evident in her artwork.

Cassie has sold over 20 paintings since launching her Facebook page, Cassie Swirls, in March. “I’ve sent paintings to Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, and of course, plenty in New South Wales.” Collectively she has sold $1000 worth of paintings which include commissioned pieces, 3 of which were donated to charity. She has donated paintings to Essentials 4 Women SA, Holt Family Fundraiser, and Royal Society for the Blind.

“Is there paint all over your house?” I asked Linda.

“Yes,” she laughs, “and the dress Cassie is wearing now is the only piece of clothing she owns without paint on it.”

At the sound of the word “paint,” Cassie then got up from her mothers lap and asked, “Can I go paint now?” before scurrying off.

Cassie’s paintings are featured and can be purchased through her website www.cassieswirls.com and her Facebook Page Cassie Swirls.