Instagram Stories hit 150M daily users: Here's how to leverage the tool for your business

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By Renee Wardle (@renee_wardle)

Our Director Jess Thoms explored Instagram's sticky fingers last year when they launched Instagram Stories, copying younger sibling Snapchat and diving into the world of upload-able 24hr disappearing content.

As similar as Instagram may seem to Snapchat, your business doesn’t necessarily need to decide between the two when it comes to marketing your content and building your brand. Below are four ways to leverage Instagram Stories for your business.

Take them to the candy shop.

At least one post in your Instagram story should contain a strong CTA.

There is some mind blowing research on the effectiveness of having a call-to-action in your blog, website and social media, it’s a matter of assessing your analytics and finding out where you want to direct your traffic. Having a CTA can boost your following, help campaigns, create hype around an event you’re hosting or generate email signups.

You can utilise programs like Iconosquare to find out when the best time is to post to your Instagram Story for optimal engagement.

Celebrate wins.

This is a fun one to add on your Story that just feels right. Every business has a birthday, a time of year the Founder/Director/Head of Ideas dreamt up the company and threw caution to the wind, birthing the place your team now calls work. That deserves to be celebrated!

It’s not just birthday’s that are milestones. New product launches, the 100th or 1000th customer can be celebrated with your followers, if you present yourself as a business that’s unfazed by exciting things happening to you, people may be less enthralled about giving you their custom in the future.

Be humble and get excited.

Share the fun.

Holding contests isn’t just for Facebook. With Stories you can set up a competition (to be held on another platform or on Instagram itself), give the details in one, two or three clips in your Story and followers have it running for a certain amount of days or just 24hrs only.

You could potentially work Instagram only contests into your social media strategy by holding them weekly or fortnightly for prizes such as:

●      Winning a sample of your product/service

●      A free consultation with you

●      % percent off (TBD by you)

In return for these prizes, contests can be run in different ways such as like to win, comment to win, like and comment, tag a friend or caption contest. There are many more creative contests these are just some basic ideas.

Be #Relatable

Taking followers and customers behind the scenes isn’t a new idea by any means. It’s been done on social media and TV segments around the world for decades.

Stalking has become a colloquial term. No longer exclusively reserved for life-threatening situations, the word is thrown about when you love what someone is doing and keep up with it.

Instagram communities enable brand advocates to “stalk” their favourites in real time with Instagram Stories.

Curiosity, being innate in nearly every human being can work to your extreme advantage by drawing your audience in when you post raw, humanising moments captured whilst working on the products or service they love.

For all the positive things said about Instagram in this post it should be noted that Snapchat is still a useful tool for business and should be cast away in favour of Instagram. Both platforms have a lot to give.