Chain Scrolling, Episode 2: Stranger Things, LinkedIn's new purpose, & will Amazon take over everything? 🎙


Chain Scrolling: 

  1. definition - When you’re scrolling through the Internet on two devices at once.

Hey Internet world, welcome back to the Chain Scrolling podcast! Brought to you by Jess Thoms, Founder & Brand Strategist at White Lane Creative & Brynn Chadwick, co-founder at Mayte Digital. 👋

As agency founders, myself & Brynn find ourselves procrastinating with industry news that we rant about to each other.

Each week we discuss the last seven days in tech, marketing, branding, and culture. This week we’re talking about Stranger Things marketing, Amazon’s $1 Billion ad business, LinkedIn's new purpose, The Economist's Snapchat strategy, and how we can design AR & VR for things people actually need. 

Listen to Episode 2 now on SoundCloud 👇👇

Articles we chain scrolled:

LinkedIn is considering a push into original content - Business Insider

Sorry, PowerPoint: The slide deck of the future will be in AR - Wired

Snapchat’s “Stranger Things” Lens Is The First of it’s Kind - FastCoDesign

Elon’s Musk - Air Freshener

Amazon now has a $1 billion ad business - Digiday

Applying human-centered design to emerging technologies - Medium

How The Economist’s Snapchat editor speaks to its young audience - Digiday

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