Branding questions to ask yourself in 2018: What's your big, hairy, goal?

Branding is all about your voice, story, and community.  With such a crowded online world and more and more start-ups everyday — it has never been more important to take the time and define your brand.  Developing a brand should be a fun, engaging experience. 

Here’s a quick process to help define your brand: 

👉 Find your voice. 

How does your brand speak? What’s your tone of voice? Establishing a strong brand voice is crucial in order to stand out. Your voice needs to be apparent in every brand touchpoint.  

👉 Tell your story. 

How did you start? What’s your mission and purpose? How does your story come together to inspire, motivate, or educate your audience. 

👉 Build your community. 

Turn an audience into customers. Community building around your brand builds trust, ensures longevity, and organically creates brand ambassadors. 

👉 Define a generation. 

Why start a company if not to change the world? Having a ‘big hairy audacious goal’ for your brand keeps you motivated and accountable, stirs emotion, and compels your employees to achieve more. It’s your North Star. 

So, what is your big, scary, crazy, audacious goal?

Jess ThomsComment