Brands with purpose have personality: How to audit your brand voice

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If you had to throw away your logo tomorrow — would your audience still recognise your brand? 

Brand voice is how your business consistently speaks, with purpose and personality. Every word and sentence that comes out of your brand communications determines this.

The problem (aka opportunity) is: People project human traits on everything. Any level of interaction between your brand and its audience (whether in product descriptions, social media, advertising, or microcopy) is being judged as if your brand has a personality. Cleaning up your brand voice is easier than you think.

👉👉 Complete a brand voice audit.

→ Gather up your current communications
→ Analyse common words, phrases, and tone of voice.
→ Pick 5 words that describe your current brand voice.
→ Ask: Does this align with my brand values and mission?

👉👉 Who would your brand be if it was an actual human being?

→ How would they speak?
→ What do they care about?
→ How do they interact with my ideal customer persona?

👉👉 Design the perfect human voice that represents your brand.

→ What tone of voice encapsulates my brand mission?
→ How does my brand use greetings, goodbyes, and questions?
→Think:  Is my brand humorous, serious, quirky, or neutral? 

Remember: Brands with purpose have personality. 

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