Can influencers be 'too popular'? Gretta Van Riel weighs in.

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Social media has made influencers the new celebrities. But maybe you can be too popular… 

For brands looking to leverage influencer marketing, don’t get lured in by follower counts. As reported by Digiday “a survey of 2 million social media influencers by influencer marketing platform Markerly, showed the sweet spot for maximum impact is an influencer with a following in the 10,000 to 100,000 range.” "Micro-influencers" usually have a network of 10-50 thousand followers, and are on their way to establishing a larger audience and impact.

Micro-influencer's engagement percentages usually skew higher compared to larger influencers. For brands this means smaller influencers can bring in comparable engagement rates at a cheaper cost.

Founder of Hey Influencers, Gretta Van Riel, weighs in on how engagement translates to conversion. 

"Is engagement really the number one metric? Sometimes micro-influencers followers have been following them a much shorter time relative to macro so while they may appear more engaged (usually due to the way social media platform's algorithms rank smaller, newer audiences over older, larger audience's) there may be less trust. Trust is the number one determining factor and conversions are the number one engagement metric (not vanity metrics like, likes or followers).

Secondly, it also depends on the kind of account — some accounts really are only (as String puts it) 'Candy Content' without much substance. Followers may hit like because the post was pretty or funny but does that influence buyer behaviour?

The best influencers (micro or macro) are the ones that can establish the strongest emotional connection to their audience. Because at the end of the day — trust is formed by oxytocin and oxytocin is produced when you're made to feel certain ways. Those ways are not only via visual stimulation for example.

So it's a difficult debate. It depends what your goals are (impressions and brand awareness, conversions or retention) and where in the funnel your target customer is at."

- Gretta Van Riel, founder of Hey Influencers

🌟🌟Remember 🌟🌟

▶️ Even with smaller influencers, for a promoted post to truly deliver, there needs to be a value alignment between the brand and influencer.

▶️ An influencer’s audience expects a certain type of content. So for a brand message to ‘stick’ a sponsored post needs to integrate seamlessly with their other content.

▶️ Curate relationships with influencers, and develop a mutually beneficial partnership that will continue when both brand and influencer are making it big.

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