Chain Scrolling: Episode 3 - sells for $1B, we discuss the iPhone X notch, and talk everything Slack.


Chain Scrolling: 

  1. definition - When you’re scrolling through the Internet on two devices at once.

Hey Internet world, welcome back to the Chain Scrolling podcast! Brought to you by Jess Thoms, Founder & Brand Strategist at White Lane Creative & Brynn Chadwick, co-founder at Mayte Digital. 👋

Each week we discuss the last seven days in tech, marketing, branding, and culture. This week we’re talking about being acquired, Snapchat redesign, the iPhone X, and everything about Slack.

Listen to Episode 3 now on SoundCloud 👇👇

Articles we chain scrolled: 

  • Social-Media App Is Acquired for as Much as $1 Billion - WSJ
  • Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is redesigning Snapchat because it’s too hard to use - Recode
  • There’s Already An App To Fix The iPhone X’s Notch - FastCoDesign
  • Chatbots to drive sales: The Australian Open Case Study - Mayte Digital
  • 50 Amazing Slack Statistics and Facts - DMR
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