Chain Scrolling: Episode 4: Snapchat's monetisation strategy, news + AI, and what happens when you bully Google Home.

Chain Scrolling: 

  1. definition - When you’re scrolling through the Internet on two devices at once.

Hey Internet world, welcome back to the Chain Scrolling podcast! Brought to you by Jess Thoms, Founder & Brand Strategist at White Lane Creative & Brynn Chadwick, co-founder at Mayte Digital. 

Each week we discuss the last seven days in tech, marketing, branding, and culture. This week we’re talking about Snapchat’s monetisation, Facebook Messenger for kids, AI for news, BMW’s new website, and why isn’t AI standing up for itself. 

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Articles we chain scrolled:

OK Google, Show Me Your Tits -- Why Isn’t AI Standing Up for Itself? - Sarah Cooper, Medium

Facebook launches a version of Messenger for young children - The Verge

It’s articles over car configurators’: BMW’s new site is more like a magazine - Digiday

AR is the next internet’: Snapchat gets $1 mil. a day for branded lenses - Digiday 

Introducing Neil, the personal curator AI - Chatbot’s Life, Medium

Next week we will be discussing predictions for marketing and tech in 2018! 

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