Jess Thoms on the Engage With Story podcast, talking all things storytelling & start-ups


Start-ups need to be able to tell their story in one minute or less. Your story is everything.

From a 30 second pitch, to a 1-minute overview, or a 20-minute discussion with investors — your story needs to be clear and powerful.

Storytelling is often deemed a ‘cliche communication method’ that just sounds spammy. But your story is just communicating the why & how of your business in a way that moves people to action — whether it's your investors or your customers.

Our founder Jess Thoms sat down with Ben Amos from the Engage With Story podcast to talk about brand strategy, communications, and storytelling for startups!

In the interview with Ben we discuss:

➡️ What’s been happening on LinkedIn
➡️ The importance of storytelling for startups
➡️ How a brand’s personality can be defined through the stories you tell
➡️ The biggest mistakes that so many businesses make in their brand communications
➡️ The importance of having an internal communications guide
➡️ My top 3 tips for better brand marketing

Listen below: 

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